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As It Was,
As it Will Be

As It Was, As It Will Be is a self publishing project that takes the form of both a website and experimental art book. The project began in 2019, and finished this year, with hopeful plans in the works to publish another print run. The short story is written and illustrated by me, spanning 30 pages and a total of 135 inches when the book is expanded to its full length. 

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The Story

The story, written and illustrated by me, is about a man traversing the wrecked world, trying to get back home to his wife who he hopes is still waiting for him. The illustrations follow the profile of a skeleton walking across a ruined landscape, watching the world grow back little by little as the story brings the man closer to what remains of his wife and home.

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The Website

The main focus with this project is to enhance the telling of the story. The approach I created was to parse the story into snap-scrolling sections that had varying lengths of content that followed the pacing of the story. Some of these sections held very long illustrations that scrolled within their respective sections before allowing you to continue the story. Each section’s background has full-spread black and white illustrations that sit behind the text and create an environment for the user and the story to move through as well as give the site a signature aesthetic.


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