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Cocktail Alchemist

Cocktail Alchemist is a fictional subscription box specializing in gourmet herbal concoctions. Each month subscribers will get curated ingredients for the cocktail of the month, from a bottle of spirits, to ingredients for infusions and specialized instructions to make you feel like your own Cocktail Alchemist in the kitchen.


The alchemical theme is incorporated into each part of the design of this unique subscription box. The symbols on the recipe cards are various alchemical marks pertaining to the processes of alchemy and the core elements that guide it, such as the sun, moon, planets, and the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The main logo is a combination of the alchemical transmutation triangle and the triangle symbolizing water. Instead of a simple inverted triangle, though, it is a martini glass.  

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Cocktail Alc-02.png
Cocktail Alc-02.png
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The illustration style was strongly inspired by old engravings and ancient illustrations from the illuminated manuscripts, with hatched shading and organic ink lines. While one may never find illustrations of lemon garnished martini glasses and sage gin fizzes, they each have a twist of something holy and distinctly alchemical. 

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Cocktail Alc-02.png
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