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The project goal was to redesign the near future user experience of an existing digital product. How should this product work and look in 2025? We picked Hulu due to its fairly unique user experience and appealing design aesthetic. 

The UX Team

Teagan Wood


Emma Benson

Crafted Surveys, conducted user and competitor research, and created layout and visuals


Crafted Surveys, conducted extensive user research, and created visuals

What Hulu has on its 


Hulu strives to offer everything in one place. Unlike Netflix or Amazon, Hulu offers live TV packages as well as access to popular television networks, a wide video-on-demand library, and the option for add on subscriptions such as HBO, Starz, etc.

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All users inteviewed expressed frustration with navigation, stating that it is awkward and dificult to navigate, as well as poorly organized.

Users also expressed dificulties browsing — not know what content is currently on Hulu was their main issue.

Problem Solution

Hulu’s navigation and browsing organization are confusing and limiting engagement.

How can we make Hulu’s full spectrum of services as easy to find and access as possible?

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We were motivated to design with a “six-click” philosophy — it should take the user no more than six clicks to return to the navigation bar.

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